Meeting Unique Needs

The Courtyards is perfect for those who love life in West Texas and that may need assistance with activities of daily living, from bathing, dressing, and grooming to more comprehensive services as needed. Our experienced team of professionals is trained to meet your loved one’s every need. The Courtyards Assisted Living offers a choice of private residences and customized levels-of-care allowing The Courtyards residents to age in place, eliminating the likelihood of a future move.

Memory Care at The Courtyards offers people with Alzheimer’s and other memory impairing dementias the care, respect, dignity, and quality of life they deserve. We strive to create success stories one small victory at a time for residents entrusted to our care.

Our memory care residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia deserve lives rich with warmth, activity, and feelings of home. This vision is shared by the entire Courtyards team and is provided every day for the loved ones entrusted to our care. We chose to keep our memory care neighborhood intimate in size, ensuring safe, vital, and personal attention. We provide ongoing professional training for our staff to foster more compassionate, nurturing relationships. The neighborhood environment keeps our space from feeling overwhelming. At The Courtyards, memory care is all about interaction and engagement, with planned events, engaging activities, scheduled outings, and support groups for residents and their families.

Fill out our questionnaire below to find out if The Courtyards may be the right choice for you:

I am completing this questionnaire for:

Myself Spouse Parent Other

Do you (or your loved one) currently need in-home support 24 hours per day?

Yes No

Do any of the following apply to you (or your loved one)?

  • Difficulty walking and/or getting in or out of bed (or a chair)?
  • Trouble eating the right amount of food, keeping a balanced diet, and/or physical barriers to eating properly?
  • Unsteady and/or prone to falling?
  • Trouble getting dressed and/or grooming?
  • Trouble toileting or bathing?
  • Trouble taking and/or managing medication?
Yes No

Have you (or your loved one):

  • Stayed at a hospital, skilled nursing or rehab facility, or assisted living facility?
  • Had an inpatient stay in the last six (6) months?
Yes No

Are you (or your loved one) still under the care of a doctor based on your previous facility stay and/or inpatient experience?

Yes No

Have you (or your loved one) ever wandered away from home (on foot or via car) or felt disoriented or lost?

Yes No

Have you (or your loved one) been diagnosed with dementia from possible Alzheimers disease, a stroke or another related health matter?

Yes No

Do you (or your loved one) have trouble remembering things such as paying your bills each month?

Yes No

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